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Finding a home is the easy part.!!!!  However…

If you are looking to buy or sell a home and want more control during your real estate transaction check out what the E-Tailing Group claims.

“While automation can be expedient, the resulting impersonal tone and risk of poor information are informidable”  (Annual Mystery Shopping Study)

The rise in technological advances in the real estate industry has armed consumers with the means to locate a home and/or a top realtor themselves.

However…..Check out….What We Do and Who We Are.


The Nirvana Property Connection group bridges the gap between you and your real estate agent. We are the buyers and sellers FREE resource to provide you with an exclusive private personal assistance, which will keep you educated, informed and up to date during your transaction. Consider us YOUR partner working alongside you and your agent throughout your journey. It is our personalized service that will help keep you organized, help you follow up,keep track of important details and monitor deadlines concerning your transaction.  We are YOUR personal assistant ensuring you receive the professionalism, accountability and communication when you want it. Our personalized service will help secure your position of control in your transaction, help maintain privacy, educate you along the way,  lower stress levels, give you a competitive advantage during negotiations and help you save time and money.  Nirvana Property Connection is your exclusive partner helping you to reach your goal.

In order to receive these benefits, YOU MUST CONNECT WITH US FIRST!

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Nirvana Property Connection Group is a conglomerate of leading national and international  experienced, licensed, established professionals in the real estate industry.

We are location specialists!  Each specializing in a certain market and or city.  We believe in holding and maintaining the client’s best interest in mind not our own.  We utilize our intergroup referral system for the client’s best interest, whether you are interested in two or more locations, two or more different markets or are just trying to find a realtor that understands all of your needs and wants.

Our group’s integrity holds steadfast to old fashioned values such as superior customer service, knowledge and strong moral character.  Agents are invited to the group based on area expert performance and adhering to our strict standards of practice.  Our real estate group does not pay a fee to benefit from our services.  Our commissions are paid on successful completion of your sale or purchase by your real estate specialist broker themselves.

If you’re looking to buy, sell or rent we are a good place to START.

“Nirvana Property Connection Group – transcending real estate as we know it!”

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